Lavender gift box
Lavender gift box
Lavender gift box
Lavender gift box
Lavender gift box

Lavender gift box

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A beautiful gift box that is like a lavender field in bloom coming into your home.

Each silver box is filled with soothing lavender essential oil scented hand and body lotion, a reusable tube filled with lavender essential oil bath salt, a handmade bar of lavender soap, a lavender fragrance sachet, and a handcrafted lavender paper rose.

Each mailing box contains
1 6.7 oz. hand and body lotion - lavender bliss
1 soap bar
1 fragrance sachet
1 5 oz. tube of bath salt
1 paper rose

Gifts come in a mailing box so they can be sent straight to the recipient.

Size: 8x8x3 inch silver mailing box ready to be shipped.

Our hand and body lotion and wash have many natural ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. This lotion has a soft lavender scent from French lavender essential oil.

🐥Vegan - 🐰Cruelty-free - Gluten free - Paraben free - Soy free - Sulfate-free - Perfume free

We cut each petal from a pattern specifically created for the style of flower we use in each piece. Each petal is then dipped in a color and hung on a line with clothespins to dry. We then attach each petal individually to its stem. Each flower will be styled and curled petal by petal to create a beautiful handmade paper rose. We use coffee filter paper to achieve a more realistic flower.

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